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Kimono Rental


Self Portrait


Experience Japanese Tradition

Kimono Rental

includes Kimono/Yukata rental + accessories/ornaments

Self portrait photography

15-min self portrait session
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Dressing service

Staff will help you with dressing the Kimono



Book an Appointment



Online booking is available. We may not be able to prepare the dress depending on the timing of your reservation.


We will dress you up at our studio. It takes about 10 minutes per person to complete dressing.


Enjoy a 15-minute Self portrait photography session with your Kimono. All data will be sent to you at the time you return the Kimono.


There are many recommended spots in the Monzen-Nakacho area, so be sure to visit them. Please feel free to ask our staff any questions.


Please return Kimono at our store by the return time. You can extend the return until the next day with an additional charge of 1,100 yen (tax included).


Q : What is the difference from a general photo studio? A : In photo studios, photographers usually take pictures, but at studio elin, you can use the remote control to press the shutter whenever you like. A monitor is installed near the camera, so you can shoot at your own pace without worrying about the eyes while checking the expression.

Q : What should I bring? A : We have dry flowers, stuffed animals, and other photo accessories in the studio, so you can come empty-handed.

Q : Can I take pictures with my pet? A : Yes, you can take pictures with your pet. When visiting the store, please be considerate of other customers and other tenants, and be sure to bring them in a cage. Please note that we cannot accept children who have a habit of biting. In the unlikely event that a staff member is bitten, we will treat you at the hospital, so there is a possibility that we will charge you for treatment costs and business compensation. Also, if your pet is undergoing treatment for an infectious disease, is undergoing medical treatment, is in heat, is pregnant, or has parasites, fleas, or ticks, we cannot accept photography.

Q : Can I change camera settings? A : You cannot change the settings of the cameras and lighting installed in the studio by yourself. If you wish to change it, please consult the staff in advance. After the shooting starts, customers can focus on a nice pose and expression, and enjoy shooting just by pressing a button.

Q : How many people can shoot at maximum? A : If you have more than 4 people, the photo booth may feel cramped. If there are more than 4 people, please tell the staff on the day of the shoot.

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